winter wedding cake flavors

Chocolate gingerbread is a perfect holiday twist on the classic chocolate wedding cake. Hot chocolate cake : Homemade marshmallow fluff, chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings all blend together in this winter-inspired cake. Plus, there's the fact that it kind of seems like a seasonal dessert. The following flavors are available every day of the year, regardless of season or special holiday menus.Black Bottom (G)Chocolate cake, cream cheese filling and frosting, chocolate chipsChocolate Peanut Butter (G) (V)Chocolate cake, whipped peanut butter frosting, crushed reese’s peanut butter cupsChocolate/Vanilla (G) (V)Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream frostingCookies ‘n’ Cream (V)Chocolate cake, vanilla-oreo frosting, crushed oreos™Double Chocolate (G)Chocolate cake… Chocolate Chip–Fun, but still formal, a chocolate chip cake and be paired with just about anything for a filling and icing. If you’re getting married in the winter, try mixing up a classic by adding some heat to your chocolate. The mixture of pumpkin and spices is simply irresistible! Get inspired by some of these decadent flavor combinations and choose a cake that is as creative as you are. Talk with your baker about their serving sizes and they can help you decide on the right amount. These creative ideas are sure to tickle the taste buds and wow your guests! They can be as fancy as a wedding, or as simple and everyday as slice of bundt cake shared with a little coffee over conversation with friends, or as an afternoon snack. Going for a minimalistic theme? Hot Chocolate Spoons. Whatever cake you choose, make sure it is as creative and spectacular as you are. Visit their Website. Hey everyone! S’mores. The added spice and molasses flavors will make your fall or winter wedding feel warm and cozy. Christmas weddings are so special. Couples have started to personalize their weddings by taking simple vanilla cake and adding a subtle flavor to make it unique. Wedding cake with fresh berries. “We … Say those words in New Orleans, and those of us who grew up here know exactly what to expect: almond. If you need to serve more guests, you can add two or three additional cakes along with candles and greenery to create a gorgeous tabletop display. Whether you're having a very large wedding or simply want your wedding cake to look like something out of Buckingham Palace, a seven-tier cake gives you a huge canvas to get creative. For a soft and buttery flavor, choose a delicious pistachio cake. However, the flavor and texture is so exquisite, they won’t mind. Cake Flavors and Fillings Menu JustCake. Like the vanilla bride’s cake, the traditional chocolate groom’s cake stands firm at the top of the list for popular wedding cake flavors. Cake by Bakers Pride Bakery, Planning by Jill Robertson Weddings. This delicious Mexican sponge cake is the perfect wedding cake flavor for any time of year. We could all use a slice of cake right about now. Here are a few tips to make your cake buying experience easier. We love this sweet three-tier cake, which is decorated with delicate fondant feathers that give off an ethereal, boho vibe. Many couples add creative flavors to the classic vanilla to make their cake unique. Is it everybody’s favorite? Cover the bottom tier of a buttercream cake in rainbow sprinkles for a winter wedding cake that's unexpected and fun. German Chocolate. This delicious cake is usually paired with buttercream or cream cheese frosting. If you’re as obsessed with this flavor as we are, serve your guests this sinfully sweet treat. Robinson agrees that spicy and sweet is a winning combination for winter cake flavors. For a rough estimate, assume that 75% of your guests will eat cake. Couples for hundreds of years have celebrated their wedding day with a special cake. This blush and white wedding cake is classic meets contemporary, thanks to its elegant sugar orchids and trendy marbled fondant. Use a budget calculator to decide how much money you have to spend on a cake and talk with your baker about what you can do with that amount of money. German chocolate is the perfect mixture of chocolate, gooey coconut frosting and pecans. “The best thing about winter wedding cakes is that they tend to be more flavorful,” said Bennett. This type of cake is ideal if you want your dessert display to grab everyone's attention. "I've also done alternating layers of chocolate and chai with caramel sauce," she says. The delightful taste of matcha mixed with honey and buttercream frosting makes this green dessert a true masterpiece. Delicious white cake with white buttercream icing. This delightful cake will have your guests coming back for seconds and probably even thirds. The only thing missing is a cold glass of milk. Maple pecan is a great wedding cake flavor choice for any time of year but fits perfectly in fall wedding themes. If you have dreamed of having a wedding fit for royalty, then serve a lemon and elderflower cake like Harry and Meghan. Add some sweet chocolate buttercream frosting to this spicy masterpiece for the perfect balance. Whether you’re a chocolate lover, vanilla-obsessed or red velvet devotee, there’s only one thing more important than your wedding cake flavor— your wedding cake design. Add this to your list of unique reception ideas to make your day as special as you and your partner are. The tangy sweetness of raspberry pairs miraculously with the rich chocolate. The Makery Cake Company – Red Velvet Cake Our red velvet cake is a traditional Devil’s Food Cake altered by the alkali of red food color. Your guests won’t be able to resist the moist texture and nutty flavor. If you're having a formal wedding, we love the idea of adding a monogram to your winter wedding cake. Most Common Wedding Cake Flavors. Traditional White Wedding Cake recipe with a simple white buttercream icing recipe is by far the most requested recipe that comes out of my kitchen. This cake would make a perfect addition to a natural themed wedding. Champagne. For a couple that loves green tea, matcha cake is the perfect fit. Classic Vanilla. Serve this cake to your guests with some pink bubbly for the perfect combination. This winter wedding cake idea is excellent if you're looking for something slightly more unique. Soft, gorgeous and tasty like anything – there’s no reason not to love cakes. © 1999–2020 A wedding cake snow cone is a perfect blend of vanilla and almond flavors, and it truly tastes like scrumptious wedding cake and frosting. If you're going for a moody theme, cover your cake with black or dark blue fondant, then add sugar flowers (or real flowers) in burgundy, blush, and purple tones. These pineapple and banana spiced cakes are southern gems. The flavor comes from the traditional New Orleans wedding cake…

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