which of the following are supported by html5

Example 3-3 Use of Details, Summary, Progress, and Meter Elements. A) A, B and C B) B, C and D C) C, D and A D) A, B, C and D View Answer / Hide Answer All rights reserved. (I) Uppercase tagnames (II) Quotes are optional for attributes (III) Attribute values are optional (IV) Closing Empty … A Boolean attribute; if specified, the video automatically begins to play back as soon as it can do so without stopping to finish loading the data. Q: What are the new Apis provided by the Html5 standard? Placeholder 5. Popular Posts. noshade iii. HTML is used to describe the visual attributes of a web page.Since its inception, various versions of HTML have been introduced. If height and width are not set, the page might flicker while the video loads. New HTML5 Input Types and Attributes. !DOCTYPE is case sensitive” A. The element allows you to specify alternative video files which the browser may choose from. The canvas element has a getContext() method which is used to return the drawing context of the canvas element. Example 3-5 Using Web Sockets in HTML Code. The HTML code in Example 3-7 uses the @font-face rule to link a font specified by its URL. Example 3-1 Use of Canvas and SVG Elements. A. rules a ii and iv b. i, ii and iii c. ii and iv d. i, ii, iii and iv For more information about specific support for each file format, see Flash … All rights reserved. Google search autosuggestions in Safari. 15.3k 20 20 gold badges 107 107 silver badges 204 204 bronze badges. Which of the following attributes are not supported in HTML5? As mentioned earlier, all modern browsers, including Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, support at least some elements of HTML5 on all platforms. Which of the following HTML Video – Media Type is not supported in IE? The H.264 module will be available on "all popular or feasibly supportable platforms, which can be loaded into any application". border longdesc align None of these. C. Use manage control activity. Example 3-1 provides a simple test of using the and tags to render the web component. This is referring to the urls used in anchor and image tags. Answers: • oninput • oninvalid • ondrop • onreset. This functionality enables long-running scripts to be executed without a need to wait for user interaction. Example 3-3 shows how the details and summary elements can be rendered in the web component. For more information about embedding media content, see the HTML5 specification for the video and audio tags. However, when HTML5 finally gets standardized sometime in 2012, it will eventually gain more popularity. Example 3-2 provides a simple set of the controls that enable you to enter an issue summary and specify its priority. Q 1 - Which of the following is true about HTML 5? For best performance in Canvas, course content should be designed to support HTML5. HTML5 New Input Types. 0 comments: Post a Comment. You can obtain a list of visited pages by using the WebHistory class available in the javafx.scene.web package. These icons visually identify a Web page or website on a browser's screen. The format is not supported in Internet Explorer in any way. Give a brief description of each. We use as simple the list tag and tags. a) scatternet and piconet b) ACL and SCO c) WMAN and WLAN d) star and cluster tree. 65. If you write pages according to the version of HTML5, you can expect your page to work well … C. Web Recorder. HTML5 audio and video may not be supported in older browsers, so audio and video must still be used via Flash.

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