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So, I will keep it short in restating the purposes: Reducing muscle soreness, promoting blood flow, and speeding up recovery time after a workout. The last item, the charging base, is a really great addition not commonly found with most massage guns. The quick answer: the new Kraftgun Force has some incredible specs at a very affordable price (especially if you get it at 120 USD off, scroll down for the link). Surprisingly, the Kraftgun has what it takes to rival Theragun Pro, the highest-tier product offered by Therabody. The Theragun and Kraftgun design differs slightly, but they’re similar enough that it’s not really worth comparing. This is a noticeable increase and win for the Kraftgun in this area. Although the same, there are some small advantages to buying the LifePro Pulse FX over the KRAFTGUN. Without many discounts available, the Theragun PRO retails for a very steep $600. Home | Privacy | Terms | Affiliate Disclosure, Honest Fitness Advice and Reviews For the Busy. The reason why this is important is in many reviews of the Theragun Pro, people complain that it is somewhat louder than its competitors. Theragun massagers come at a price ranging from $199 to $599, while the TimTam massage gun bundles are available at $300 and $500. While the Hypervolt’s specs are comparable in some ways, we prefer the design of the Pulse FX much more. 2020 has undeniably changed the work environment for most of us. Carrying case included, charging base included, Carrying case NOT included, no charging base. Let’s consider a side-by-side comparison of their specifications: We should also point out that both share the same 16mm amplitude of the massage head, but the Theragun PRO has a stall force of 60 lbs, 6 less than the Pulse FX. It delivers a very powerful and strong massage thanks to its 3-speed, 250W brushless motor. The first issue with comparing Kraftgun and Theragun is that the pricing isn’t exactly the same. We’re confident that you’ll absolutely love this massage gun. They are the exact same massage gun. Charge: With a 16.8V charging port, this massage gun has three to six run time. I know the company has been facing extreme diffuculties with logistics and production facilities, and that they are working hard to improve the situation. The Kraft Gun is intended to be a high-quality, medium-priced massage gun. With the Kraft Gun, a lot of people are very happy with the product and praise how useful it is, but there are also some noticeable negative reviews posted on their own site. If nothing else, I respect their honesty in leaving these reviews readable on their website, though it obviously only hurts their brand. The Pulse FX has a dedicated handle that makes it extremely comfortable to hold. All Rights Reserved. Go on, call us wimps if you will. This may sound petty, but you want to know the biggest gripe we have with the Hypervolt? To further complicate the issue, Theragun has multiple products with various price and functionality and Kraftgun has only one as of this post’s writing. Despite a significant price difference, the Kraftgun makes a close comparison in even those categories in which it has lost except for the adjustable arm. Since you are on this page, I am confident you already know something about massage guns or percussion massagers. We had no troubles carrying on a conversation or watching television while using it. Get advanced capabilities with the OLED screen and phone app integration, Customize your massage with 6 high-quality attachments. That may not matter to you. LifePro Pulse FX vs Theragun vs Hypervolt vs Kraftgun, LifePro DynaSphere Review: More Power For Less, addsfit MAX Review: A Fantastic Mid-Range Massage Gun, Theragun Elite Review: Brilliant Design, Stellar Performance. All of these reviews are readable on the Kraftgun website if you are curious. Forget about it. So, the simplest way to compare them is to take the closest pr��� Advertiser Disclosure Lifestyle Essentials Best Massage Guns Reviewed: Theragun vs. Hypervolt (2021 Review) Which massage gun works best? Theragun vs. Hypervolt Side-by-Side Comparison . This makes the Kraftgun the the best choice for most people. and the founder of this website. Not only is it powerful, but relatively quiet too. They are both very light, with the Kraftgun sitting at 2.2 lbs / 1 kg and the Theragun sitting at about 2.9 lbs / 1.3 kg. The Theragun Pro has speeds ranging between 1750 – 2400 PPM. De-mystifying the massage gun category: Percussive Therapy vs. Vibration Therapy If you���ve been on social media or YouTube and looked up a fitness video over the last few years, you���ve probably noticed an explosion of hand-held massage gun devices intended to aid people in recovery from their day-to-day ��� With the recent new generation of products from Theragun this is still the case, but the difference has been reduced significantly. If you don’t mind the risk of the delay, the Kraftgun is better value, but otherwise, the Theragun Pro is very similar while being far more safe to order. People also complain about the customer service with the Kraft Gun, as they leave question after question and try to get updates on their shipping and their order, only to be left in silence. They offer a wide variety of different rehabilitative devices that range from massage guns to vibration plates. The second is that the Pulse FX does come with a charging base and the KRAFTGUN does not. They’re always one of our first recommendations when asked. We cannot confirm the amplitude of the Hypervolt, but it’s definitely not 16mm. They are both lightweight, portable and have ergonomic grips for more comfortable use. Here Kraftgun only comes with 4. Theragun vs Hyperice: Massage Gun Review THERAGUN vs. HYPERICE: WHICH RECOVERY TOOL IS THE BEST? Speed: This massage gun has five different levels of intensity from low pressure to powerful. Massage guns like the Theragun PRO and the Hyperice Hypervolt have become the gold standard of what a so-called “good” percussion massager embodies. We understand where you’re coming from and want to offer some insights on why we believe the LifePro Pulse FX is a far better choice. On its highest setting it only produces 60dB of noise, which is comparable to a normal conversation or background music. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through a link on this page and make a purchase. So, the simplest way is to take the models with closest specs and compare them. They do this by rapidly massaging deep muscle tissues without any pain . On top of that, the LifePro ��� That cannot be said about a lot of other companies that we’ve reached out to. LifePro is an American based company out of New York. The most expensive model of the Theragun is far more expensive than the Kraftgun is (especially if you use my 120 USD coupon). If you buy from some no name company, cross your fingers it doesn’t break. We absolutely love having the option to drop it on the charger rather than messing with a cord every time. Both products are very good at what they do. Many users complain about a delay in shipping. The 2 year warranty from KRAFTGUN is still pretty fantastic considering most other companies only offer coverage for 1 year. The amplitude of the massage head has an “intensely penetrating” depth of 16mm. It has a stall force of anywhere between 66 and 80 pounds, according to their website. On top of that, the LifePro Pulse FX’s operation is actually quieter too. We’ll keep this short and sweet, there are absolutely no differences between the KRAFTGUN and the Pulse FX. This means that the Kraftgun is only a bit more quiet than the Theragun Pro when operated. Below, you will find a review of the best massage guns from the two famous brands: TimTam and Theragun. No competition. The Theragun’s flagship model has a similar force–but then, it is much more expensive, and the Kraftgun is managing this at a lower price range as the Pro. It only truly loses in terms of stall force, and noise, but keeps up in speed, weight, different modes and attachments, and nearly all other areas. It feels very natural to operate and we prefer it over the Hypervolt. LifePro Fusion FX Heated Massage Gun Review, Hyperice Hypervolt Revisited: Long-Term Review. Like all devices, that’s dependent largely on your usage. For $179, you receive a professional medical-grade, high powered percussion massager, equipped with a high-torque motor (up to 5400 percussions per minute). There’s a lot to compare and think about when it comes to this purchase. Take it from us, it takes quit a bit to run this thing down to zero. See the Kraft Gun in action in this video. So full disclaimer, we think the one con of owning the Pulse FX is 100% subjective. About the author: My name is Marcus, I am a lawyer (LL.M.) So let’s get the nitty-gritty details out of the way first. People can’t stop raving about ’em and we’d agree. We should also point out that both share the same 16mm amplitude of the massage head, but the Theragun PRO has a stall force of 60 lbs, 6 less than the Pulse FX. Overview: The Founder of Theragun, Dr. Jason Wersland, has the honor to introduce the first massage gun. Of course the pricing of a product is not the only thing that matters, customer impressions are also important. I will be using the Theragun Pro to compare it to which is also intended to be a premium-range model. The force of each gun is another place where the Kraftgun edges out. The first is the warranty offered by LifePro is lifetime. The Pulse FX offers the same if not better performance and value for the money. When deciding to buy the LifePro Pulse FX over the Theragun PRO, Hypervolt, or KRAFTGUN, the answer is an unequivocal, DO IT! Let’s be real, a massage gun isn’t a complex device and it has one function and that is to massage. The first one, is the difference in supposed battery life between Theragun and Kraftgun. When a new product or product type comes into an industry, like percussion massagers have come into the health and fitness industry in the last few years, there are usually a few products that sit at the top initially. That’s pretty great considering how strong this massage gun is. In this matter, Theragun actually edges out. Required fields are marked *, I hereby agree to my personal data being stored and handled by the website owner according to the website Privacy Policy *, Copyright 2017-2020. One final point to make before we move on here is that the Kraftgun is quiet while operating at about 65 dB. The most expensive model of the Theragun is far more expensive than the Kraft Gun is. On the other hand, the Kraftgun has a 24V built-in Samsung battery which lasts 3.5 hours on a single charge. Update: If you have a good budget: Theragun G4 PRO ��� All-New 4th Generation Percussive Therapy is better than Theragun G3 Pro. So you're in the market for a massage gun and are trying to decide between products from Theragun vs Hypervolt. You want a deep massage? Ok, now we’re comparing apples to apples, or are we? The Theragun has much faster shipping time and better customer service while having a comparable performance in most areas to the Kraftgun. The first and most obvious difference between the two is the price. The LifePro Pulse FX is one of the most powerful massage guns on the market today. Inside the box you’ll find an attractive molded carrying case, 4 attachment heads, and a charging base. That speaks a lot about its quality. The Kraftgun has three speeds, and its lower settings are far slower than the Theragun: but when you crank it up, both are about even on the speed at about 2400 Percussions Per Minute (PPM). With the Hypervolt, the on/off switch is located on the bottom of the battery while the speed selector is on the backside of the device, which makes the overall operation a two-handed affair. We couldn’t be certain, but we suspect the folks at LifePro are more heavily involved in the quality control manufacturing process than others.

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