how to fish for smallmouth bass in rivers

“When I fish smallmouth bass on rivers, I look for bends in the river that create an eddy. Fly Fishing for bass in the fall is one of my favorite times of the year to hit the lake. Most of the good smallmouth bass rivers will hold plenty of fish in the 3 to 8 foot depth range and lipless crankbaits are made for covering water at these depths. Abandoning their summer haunts, fish may travel many miles downstream to slack-water hibernacula, where they will overwinter. The size rivers and streams that are normally thought of as "trout fishing" rivers. One of the key largemouth bass fishing tips to remember is that you will most often find these fish close to cover. A true fighter, the “smallie” is known for its bulldog strength, acrobatic leaps and rod-bending dives. The main reason I love chasing bass on the fly during the fall, is because a lot of the forage food (ex. Cartwright offers tips for true winter smallmouth fishing.Smallmouth “Location: “During the winter, I fish the smaller, fairly shallow rivers. Smallmouth bass are common in many rivers, and that makes them a great species to seek. You can fly fish for bass in rivers and lakes. After the "surgery", place the fish in the water with the head facing upstream. Stream smallmouth fishing and river bass fishing in general nourishes the soul and calms the nerves, taking the angler away from the pressures of every day life. threadfin shad, gizzard shad and blueback herring) that the bass fatten up on in preparation for the cold winter ahead, start migrating into shallower water in search of cooler waters. Smallmouth bass, among the most important Iowa gamefish, are most common in small to medium central and northeast Iowa rivers, but can also be found in larger rivers such as the Cedar, Des Moines and Mississippi, as well as some natural lakes in northwest Iowa. Not only is wade fishing great exercise, but being in the water on a hot summer day is more enjoyable for me than sitting in a boat. In these waters in the cold water period, smallmouth bass may be almost anywhere – except in the fast water. During a Missouri Outdoor Communicators outing at Southern Comfort Cabins and RV Campground in Doniphan, Mo., I got the chance to fish with Bill Smith of Scenic Rivers Guide Service on the Current River. Smallmouth bass are gaining fast popularity among fly fishing circles. The smallmouth bass will sit in the hole and wait to ambush prey. Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass in Rivers. Tube baits and smallmouth bass are a match made in fishing heaven. The smallmouth bass is one of the hardest fighting fish in North America, and Minnesota has a bunch of them. The smallmouth were right where he said they would be. When she’s ready to swim, let her go home. Good numbers of 15- to 18-inch smallies thrive on this float and bigger fish are a real possibility, especially in May and June. Cast, retrieve and hang on … Life History: Smallmouth bass take advantage of boulders and fallen trees as cover, from which they ambush prey including small fish, crayfish, and insect larvae. Largemouth bass prefer shallower areas of freshwater ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and slow-moving rivers that have some type of cover in the form of vegetation, brush, trees, or structure. Try to release fish in as little current as possible. For one, river smallmouth are pound-for-pound the hardest fighter in the stream, launching themselves into the air when hooked; something the lake-based smallies do not frequently do. Take some time to learn about smallmouth habitat and where they like to feed and then follow the advice of this great articles by our friends over at Orvis on how to fly fish for smallmouth bass in Spring. No matter where you fish, summertime is a great time to hammer smallmouth bass. The most common fishing method is casting and retrieving artificial or live baits into places where you suspect smallmouth bass are hanging out. While these are all excellent places to fish for smallmouth, this article will outline some tips on how to catch smallmouth bass while fishing in small rivers and streams. KANAWHA RIVER I have floated the upper Kanawha in a raft, putting in below Kanawha Falls and experiencing some quality smallmouth bass sport. If you are fishing a river with a good bit of current you'll want to try to find river eddies (slack water). During a typical summer, flow is moderately low and rivers run clear. How to Fish Shallow Rivers for Smallmouth Bass. In rivers a jig and plastic, a wacky rigged stickbait and a Tex-posed soft jerkbait are excellent presentations. The smorgasbord of natural prey drifting along with shallow currents allows anglers to adopt presentations that catch more fish with less–less casting, less winding, less effort. I've had many pleasant days on small rivers and streams despite catching few fish. Run a size 2 finesse dropshot hook through lips for the best action. These bass are very hard fighters and the thrill of fighting a 3 pounder on a fly rod is enough to make any angler drool. From the Mississippi River to the Peshtigo River, Wisconsin and the surrounding region has miles of flowing water chock full of smallmouth bass. Wade fishing for smallmouth bass in clear, rocky rivers, is my favorite way to fish. Smallmouth bass and rock bass (goggle-eye) anglers often use smaller versions of the same baits and lures used for largemouth bass. You can fish a living minnow or a dead one. They hook several nice sized smallmouth bass. Where to fish in … This trick will work great for smallmouth bass holding up in slow-moving rivers. When targeting feisty smallmouth bass from rivers, no matter what the season, tubes produce trophy fish. Smallmouth bass fanatic and river guide Pete Cartwright spends an astonishing amount of time on flowing waters. Read More; 3 things a southern angler learned about northern smallmouth. And while an angler catches smallmouth, he can relax to enjoy the scenery as well. James said the best part about fishing on smaller bodies of … When rivers and lakes are on the rise, bass move to the shallows and spread out in newly flooded cover, which makes them difficult to find. Add a split shot to the line and slowly work that minnow back to you. Fly fishing for smallmouth bass. In many instances you can fish just as you would for trout, with the difference being that smallmouth are caught. River Smallmouth Bass Fishing. Wade Fishing for River Smallies. Why fish for smallmouth in rivers? Gearing up for spring smallmouths is … In shallower waterways across the northern portions of the species’ range, smallmouth actually migrate.

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