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You may want to proof read your articles prior to posting. Overall Impressions: Glock 43X vs. Sig Sauer P365. I sure wish they put the XDS into this test. The Glock 43 was a huge hit, with the millionth produced Glock 43 being given away at the NRA show this year. But I also think the Smith & Wesson Shield also offers excellent value for the dollar. It’s been quite reliable so far, had a couple failure-to-go-into-battery (by about 1/16″) when it was brand new, but that cleared up almost immediately and has been perfectly reliable since then with all types of ammo. I’ll take the Hellcat that you didn’t include, The Hellcat, if you enjoy the world’s worst striker-fired tiger , If i ever find one to hold in hand my next carry piece will probably be either the Hellcat or the 365 but where I live finding one to hold is near impossible=buying one easy but if I cannot see how it fits the hand if it was free well, then I would just get both. A one pound trigger pull difference might not seem like much but it’s significant on a percentage basis and was noticeable while shooting groups. My make a great ladies gun. Engagement success being defined as disengagement on my terms, 6+1 will get it done. The Shield and the Glock are dumptruck reliable performers and the Sig is a paperweight in my own experience. Though it has the highest round capacity, the SIG P365 actually has the smallest grip circumference and grip depth. However, the pull weight to break the trigger on the P365 came in about a pound less than either of the two other guns and had very little over travel. They are all fine guns, reliable, accurate and easy to carry. agreed. The S&W Shield is the narrowest of the three guns at 1.03″ wide vs. 1.11″ for the P365 and 1.36″ for the Glock 43. Remington had issues with the 700 trigger going boom without pulling the trigger. Most folks have considerably more experience with one pistol make/model over the others assessed in the comparison and this existing-experience bias will definitely skew the results. The Sig P365 is definitely more feature-rich than the Glock 43. The last 18 months have proven this. Glock 43 Vs Sig P365 For Concealed Carry. This is a significant deterrent to my decision not to buy one at this point. I feel it boils down to what fits your hand best. I love my P365! The size and capacity of this plastic gun makes it sound attractive and every article I have read says this is a great gun. Firearms are merely tools. I knew two people who committed suicide by automobile. Right to choose , perhaps ? The numbers above clearly show that Sig has produced a product that is within the same size and weight arena as its competitors. Nope. unloaded, is the lightest. If we were to forever hold a grudge on a few hiccups in the beginning none of us would have AR-15’s now would we. We go head to head with the Sig Sauer P365-XL vs. the Glock 43-X! Production has since ramped up and with some shopping, all three pistols can be readily found available. pistol . Nice review. The P365 will most likely be my next pistol purchase. An ant could never defend himself from a man’s foot. Great comparison for sure but did I miss the barrel lengths? Their newness is in the trigger. Semper Fi. The gun still shoots 1.25 inch at 25 meters using cheap ammo. The rear sight is also well executed; the outside corners are rounded to prevent snagging and digging into your flesh when carrying concealed. The availability of 15-round aftermarket magazines from Shield Arms has made it an even more viable option for many Glock fans. Just my humble opinion. The true test is when you put a product side by side with its competitors and see how they stack up. My only challenge is the price. Visit Smith & Wesson and learn more about the Shield by clicking Here. Lot’s of good information though! When we use terms like “it held more bullets than its rival competitors” in the first paragraph, even though we know what you mean, it weakens our personnel standing on knowledge of the subject we speak. I hope everyone reading this stays healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’ve owned and carried a P365 for over a year after having carried four other subcompacts for five years. personal defense weapon . This Editor owns two SIG Sauer pistols, a P226 and P232. All I see and hear is nothing but problems with it. Its still a Sig, and as in the past 15 years, that means waiting for about a year and watching Sigforum to see REAL WORLD feedback before buying so as not to be a beta tester. The P365’s accuracy edge may be due in part to its lighter, 5.1-lb trigger pull compared to 6 lbs. Different selections for different needs of the moment and to give the girls the proper rotation in my edc. Average of 6 trigger pulls is 4 lbs. Now, which gun would you rather have? I realize it is a 380 which equates to a 9 MM short. Sig is to be credited for pushing the design and development of the tiny 9×19 concealed carry market. Both gen 2’s of mine are over 1000 rds each of garbage Isreali surplus I bought years ago. (I can do little better with my Glock 17 out to 25 feet.) A couple hours on the range I had 45 targets worth of groups and data to crunch. You omitted to mention MSRP ! So do not understand weak handed failures to feed from these new guns according to the people making comments. EDITOR’S NOTE: When this article originally published the availability of the SIG P365 and Glock 43 were somewhat limited. the first 25 slow and deliberate, next ten slow at the face part of the target and 3 rounds of 5 shooting as quickly as I could. When comparing the sights on the three test guns the P365 is the definite winner. He has been featured on several of Outdoor Channel’s Shooting Gallery episodes and on a Downrange TV series. My wife has been carrying the slightly larger P250, also with zero problems. Patriotism is generally defined as love of country. Visit Sig and learn more about the P365 by clicking Here. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. It also has the smallest front to back measurement of the grips, resulting in the smallest circumference, making the gun fit well in smaller hands. That pistol is no joke and I feel nothing beats it in the same size category. Single Stack 9mm: Glock G43 vs. Smith & Wesson Shield. Unfortunately this combination, Glock 43 and Federal 147 JHP ammunition also had the only malfunctions (2) during all the testing. Was this due to the lighter trigger, the longer grip length, the excellent XRAY3 sights, a tighter fit barrel lockup, or a combination of all those factors combined? Firearms Face-Off: Glock 43 vs. SIG P365 Kat Ainsworth - 04/28/2019 When SIG officially launched its P365, my social media feed was inundated with its praises from both inside and outside the gun industry. Jeff’s current endeavors cover a broad spectrum and he can be found anywhere from local matches helping and encouraging new shooters as they develop their own love of the sport, to the dove field with his friends, a charity sporting clays shoot, backpack hunting public land in Montana, or the winners podium of a major championship. Thanks for the article. In todays firearms market the quality in most firearms are better than most of us can shoot. i like the smith better had one for 8 years with no issue. Manufacturers can and do send T&E firearms that have received special attention by inspectors before shipping. Personally, I’m a revolver man , and am no fan Taurus has had some bad press although mine (six revolvers and a Millennium Pro) always work great. It may take a few calls as it unfortunately does with a lot of companies today but Sig has always stepped up to the plate with my firearms. Mildest to shoot out of all of them and hardly any muzzle flip. Both are “old school” metal-framed handguns. I have owned and shot all three pistols. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It was to protect the people from a tyrannical government. The front sight dot shows up well, day or night, as advertised. I’m 6’2 236 and can easily and effectively conceal even my 5-Seven. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G43 and Sig Sauer P365 Absolutely right Tom. The one glitch was a fiber optic blew out of a 444 Ultralight after a bit over five hundred rounds (not all fired on the same day) but their customer service fixed me up quick and free. I tend to agree with a lot of the comments. Trigger & price 709 slim got them all beat. My Walter PPS M2 rides in my pocket when that mode of carry is most needed Due to attire choice. It may seem, therefore, that you just need to work out which is more important to you, and choose accordingly. At the time, Glock used a contractor to make the barrels. This is where Sig’s P365 starts to pull away from the pack for me. After a little time warming up all 3 guns with some ball ammunition to get acquainted it was time to calm down and shoot some groups. That’s because they shoot great for me and are cost effective. I had multiple failures of the slide to go into battery. Given the Coronovirus Pandemic, many Americans are looking to acquire handguns for personal protection, both in the home and while away from the house. The MSRP of $599 is a bit higher than the other guns but SIG brings a bit more to the game. Everyone of these firearms has extended magazines that can give you plenty of rounds if you are not prone to complete adrenaline-fueled, wild shot, ammo dumping at a threat. Some people think we should all carry a 1911, always. Get your hands on a P365 and see how you think it feels. Trigger is smoother, great sights, grip, I like the extended grip better on both. 717 Views Share Embed Download In General. Visit Glock and learn more about the G43 by clicking Here. I think other gun company people are making negative comments about the Sig. Its a new gun and you were paid to make it win. Accuracy with Various Ammo Super weird that your G43 would have a malfunction with my actual everyday carry ammo when my Glock 43 eats it up without a hitch. We had failures from folks riding the slide, even though we warned them ahead of time. Now, the P365 is having striker and trigger issues, and Sig is trying to act as if that is normal wear and tear on the pistol. Every gun manufacturer has had some issues with one model or another. Patriotism has nothing to do with guns. The P365 clearly wins in this category. Thanks for an informative article. In fact I haven’t shot a reliable Sig since I bought my wife a 2 tone P229 in the early 2000s despite formerly being a Sig guy back in the day. I love sales. Sig P365 vs. Glock 43 | Size matters. A winner for me. Same with 1 of my last 7 jeeps….so let’s just make sure we buy a gen 2 if you want one and be happy. I have a 43 then got a P365 for the capacity. After carrying these pistols and firing hundreds of rounds through each, I understand why they are in the market position they are in. Everyone at the Shot Show in January had to stop by and see the new Sig P365 Micro-compact pistol; it was the talk of the show. @Jay I traded it for a Springfield TRP Operator. Ever since the announcement of Sig’s new P365 micro compact pistol, I’ve eagerly anticipated its arrival. So the winner was the XDS. Busted firing pin notwithstanding. I went with shield 40, holds 7+1 of underwood 115g extreme defender rounds. Begone pest. Constant need for repairs. The outstanding grip design, higher capacity, great sights, lighter trigger pull, smaller length, light weight and just a great overall feel make it a winning product. You obviously aren’t familiar with the kel tec P11 they did this years before Sig ever dreamed of copying them. However, it appears its short barrel wasn’t too detrimental as the P365 ended up with some small groups while doing accuracy testing. Accuracy testing always has a certain amount of human factor errors but results in more realistic expectations than machine testing; only 42 more groups to go. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G43X and Sig Sauer P365 XL So, i am not concerned with a subcompact high cap pistol. 0. Many people seem to think the intention of the second amendment was to protect man’s right to hunt and target shoot. With the extended capacity magazine, the Sig has almost twice the rounds of the Glock and 4 rounds more than the extended Shield in a similar sized package. Teach a family member or friend to shoot. My uncle flew bombers in the Burma Run barely out of his teens, and aside from deer hunting in the fall, using actual hunting rifles with five-shot magazines, he never considered carrying any sort of gun, nor did my father or any other family member. I would like to here your opinion on Kahr. The Sig is a nice well built gun, but my gosh the receiver space to the grip was ridiculously narrow. There are too many other high quality firearms on the market to carry something that could get you or a loved one injured because of a malfunction, or worse, not work when you need it most. This stuff is filthy, dented junk that was carried in Uzi’s and never fired and the 365’s are running it like champs. It looks like “Sig Quality” may be a thing of the past. Those two things can make a difference in the review regardless of who does the review. I guess its true the author and all these fanboys in the comments will really turn a blind eye just because a gun holds a couple more rounds. Dimensions — Width and Weights Maybe you should have mentioned that this article is a re-post. If you are reading this, it could not be more clear that Sig is having some very serious, DANGEROUS quality control issues. I have shot ~300 rounds with the P365 without a single failure using Remington Golden Saber 147 gran, Federal HST 124 grain, and Hornady Critical Defense 124 grain. These measurements were made with the shortest, non-extended magazines that are offered for each gun.These numbers pretty much deal with how well these little guns are going to carry on a day to day basis. The writer has done a nice job of writing the obvious The Sig P365 is the last Sig product I will ever spend my hard earned money on. Grip size difference is clear between Sig and S&W in this photo. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! The other two guns are great, they have been the cornerstones of concealed carry for many years, and I have personally carried both of them, but Sig has changed the game. The outstanding grip design, higher capacity, great sights, lighter trigger pull, smaller length, light weight and just a great overall feel make it a winning product. Please include the Beretta PX4 subcompact next time. I have large hands and like the way it feels and shoots. It wasn’t even a shootout or comparison it was a Sig Sauer P365 promotion. It used to be, and for the most part still is, that after firing 500 rounds of your favorite defensive ammo, you’d know that your new gun would be reliable. Use Berger Twist Rate Stability Calculator, Happy Holidays to Our Readers — Thanks for Your Support, Monster .950 JDJ Cartridge with 3600gr Bullet Dwarfs a .50 BMG, Stop Neck Sizing! var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); It’s not a “catastrophic failure” or anything close too that. George Kellgren is a genius and he did the compact hi-cap 9mm thing a long long long time ago but after I bought and fired my 365 the P11 gathers dust. The S&W Shield has an 8+1 capacity, while the Glock 43 only holds 6+1. The Glock with its different grip angle required me to do a little adjusting of sight picture but was fast and accurate, though the magazine capacity only allowed me to put controlled pairs on each of 3 silhouettes then get only one of the plates from the plate rack. It would be interesting to see which gun is easier to shoot in terms of fast follow-up shots. My P365 is my pocket firearm and a p365XL is my normal carry firearm and I have a Romeo Zero on it also. I would have bought a G43 if the idiots would have put one more round in the mag. Originally mine started as a 48 but I found the 43 slide easier to carry so I switched that up. Hey. I’ll give it a few years on the market. Which one will win this EPIC GUN BATTLE!! Didn’t they resolve most of the issues with it? Fool me once, shame on you, foool me twicce…. $299 for my shield hit that sweet spot of function and value. On a more personal note, I had a 5.0 mustang when they first came out way back when,I wouldn’t have recognized it if it wasnt hooked up to a tow truck…does that make all other mustang’s piles of crap? Agreed. For example, someone who routinely carries and has years of practice on a S&W Shield, will likely have better groupings with the S&W Shield over the Glock 43 or Sig P365. Clarksville Guns & Archery is a Glock Blue Label dealer and a leading Sig Sauer dealer. Weight-wise, the Glock 43, at 18 oz. For a CCW/off duty gun I’m debating on getting s G43X. Takedown for cleaning is very easy. Keltec and Taurus and alther have made them for years before everyone caught on. Y reasons are:-First off I’ve always been a Glock guy - my duty gun has been a Glock of some sort of Glock (currently a G17.4). for the Glock 43. GunsAmerica Review of SIG P365, S&W Shield, and Glock 43 », New Glock 43 — Single-Stack 9x19mm Carry Gun, Top Five Full-Size 9mm Pistol Values Under $350.00, Carry Gun Bargains — Five Pistols under $250.00, Smith & Wesson 9mm Shield Pistol $199.99 with Factory Rebate, Glock Model 42 — A New Single-Stack .380 ACP Carry Pistol, SunDay GunDay: Doctor Paula Goes Distinguished at Age 67, Wolf Rifle and Pistol Primers in Stock at, ATK is #1 Ammo Maker, with $1.5 Billion in Annual Ammo Sales, Is Your Twist Rate OK? Sig’s XRAY3 Day/ Night sights are really nice. Every other pistol is either a 10mm, 45acp or .40sw. SIG seems to have given those of us who already have too many concealed carry pistols a compelling reason to buy another. 500 rounds, no issues. I was not very accurate with the Glock or Sig, S&W shot well. Back to Sig today 4-6 week turnaround. You can conceal and carry them all day with ease and without anybody noticing. They have a 20+ year history of designing and building guns specifically intended for concealed carry, and are damn fine firearms to boot. ), When you are testing, why do you not include Kahr ? I’m 6’3 240 and it felt better in my hand. I practice with it every trip to the range and find it extremely easy to shoot, and my groupings are tighter than ever. Size and Trigger Comparison: Glock 43X Vs Sig P365 0. Sig Sauer is being janky by paying for shameless plugs like this article as well. The S&W Shield is the narrowest of the three guns at 1.03″ wide vs. 1.11″ for the P365 and 1.36″ for the Glock 43.

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