does glock make a 38 special

That right there sums up the timeless utility of the .38 Special round. 357 magnum is flat point, or so every version of it I’ve ever seen is, so no worries there. You know you are seeing something special when you see someeone working the leveraction fast enough to have all 10 pieces of brass still in the air with no misses. I bought one for my initial CCW gun, but it’s a little too big for pocket carry. The .44 Special used to be a very common round, but not as common as the .38. The net:net is: You have 7.3″ of drop at 50 yards, and only 0.8″ of drop at 25 yards. So I picked up the Ruger 77/357 & it does feed/cycle any damn thing you put in it. Yeah, the only reason I went with the .38 LCR is that it was available and a lot cheaper. It’ll work, but it won’t work as well as a .38 cylinder. A .38 Special fires bullets with velocity between 679-980 feet per second. The mouth of the brass case gets stuck on that buildup. The Glock 31 is the exact same striker-fired pistol as other Glocks. Three inches may be only an inch shorter than a full “service size” revolver, but it makes a revolver far easier to conceal for most, and still provides a decent sight radius. Now slide the Advantage Arms slide onto the frame, until it engages with the slide lock. From our weapons category, a set of pistol sound effects for the terminator in you. Also, revolvers can have much better bullet design since they’re can’t have feeding problems. (J-frame revolvers in .38 Special only have 5 chambers in their cylinders.). They’re pretty much identical but the .38 is heavier with superior bullet design to boot. They are also appealing to people who do not wish to learn the manual-of-arms of the autoloader, and valued for their obvious simplicity and at-a-glance confirmation of being in a loaded or unloaded state. Has something to with gas jetting with the shorter special case in a magnum chamber . In the aftermath of the shootout, the FBI and other government agencies began the search for a new, more powerful handgun round. I wish now that I would have gone with the Ruger 77/357 bolt action rifle, instead of the Henry .357 lever action rifle. I went with the Henry because the lever action is cooler (I’ll admit it), but also because it seemed heirloom quality and has a 10 round capacity vs. the Ruger’s 5 rounds. In the early 1990s, a handful of calibers emerged to challenge the nine-millimeter as the dominant semi-automatic handgun round. She has several other pistols but that’s her preferred daily carry. Each one is kept loaded with ammo for that guns most used purpose, but quickly swapped out for a change in purpose. Good for small game to whitetail out to 100 yards with a removable scope. You shoot five rounds, and then have to load a new magazine. Moros didn’t just politely lay down and die after being shot. Reminds me of first learning to shoot with my grandfather. It’s more of a theoretical concern, a sort of inside baseball kind of thing, and not anything to influence a decision. Popular weights range from around 115 to 147 Grains for the round. Seems like it wold be great for defense. The GLOCK with the longest slide on the market offers the greatest distance between sights, fast target acquisition, and GLOCK-grade performance. And BB advertising it’s “safe” out of a lightweight alloy /steel revolver?!? COVID-19 is resulting in increased processing times (10 … Steps it up to around 1200 fps. I digress however as I said I don't think a 5.7 Glock would make the import points. However, the Glock 40’s large size and the power of its ammunition do carry some drawbacks. Don’t be so quick to judge, maybe he’s spotted a couple of fly’s on the the ceiling, and he ready to blast them! Thank you. They were plenty reliable back then, they just weren’t as cheap as a wheelgun. From a 146gr squared-cylindrical “wadcutter” bullet at 600fps, the original 158gr “Police” round nosed lead, later offered in a “high-speed version” by the 1930s clocking roughly 850ft/sec, it has become and will probably remain the single best selling and widely used revolver round in the world. G31 is dimensionally identical to the Glock 17, the original Glock chambered in nine-millimeter, as the difference between .357 inches and nine-millimeters is just a matter of .06 millimeters. Through the bureau directly from S&W, I bought an M60, installed some Jay Scott black pearl grips, loaded it with the Super Vels, and had myself a fine little undercover piece. She carries the Smith in a full length tan leather holster with a matching belt with tan belt speed loader holster for two speed loaders . For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser. The Masterpieces were true .38’s, sometimes with heavier barrels, with adjustable sights, nice triggers, etc. There are several very accurate centerfire handgun rounds – the .44 Magnum is no slouch in this department, neither is the .44 Special. By no means an expert, but consider a long forgotten cartridge not mentioned here. One of the reasons why I make this recommendation is that the revolver requires little grip strength – there’s no slide to rack. New models rumored are the Glock 41 and 42. Again this assumes guns of equal weight at 40 ounces. Not to mention, unless you’re loading them extremely hot or otherwise abusing your brass, a good-quality .38 Special case can be reloaded a LOT of times. Now it’s an issue. Note, however, that it seems like it was always the plan to eventually give the Philippines its independence; it was just taking too long (it was going to take decades, not days) for the Filipino revolutionaries. It is common practice to shoot .38 out of .357 to save money on ammo and stress on the gun. Build a Glock 17 using parts from the internet. 38 Spl and 38 SUper are two are very different cartridges in both length, design, and performance. The.38 Special is the revolver equivalent of the 9X19 semiauto pistol round, which is, after all, only three years newer a development. I want a .357 levergun as well. The Redhawk comes with 3 full moon clips and cylinder relievement. The CCW market re-started the .38 snubby product lines, and the .38 has had a bit of a re-discovery. These developments headed by Daniel B. Wesson, with some assistance from Elmer Keith (above), the late and great gunwriter, eventually produced the equally famous .357 S&W Magnum cartridge, which is another story. We did fight in the PI during the Spanish-American war; we made a deal with the Filipinos that implied that if the helped beat the Spanish, we would give them independence (ie give them their country back). Believe it or not, I have a Rossi M92 in .357, and it cycled all manner of .38 & .357 right out of the box. The Glock 31 is Glock’s entry in the .357 Sig market, admittedly a niche market but one with a devoted following. “On the other hand, the revolver won’t be pushed out of battery, and can be fired from inside a pocket [and a purse!].”. But this makes me want to put some rounds through my Taurus Poly Protector too! G17 gen 4, G34 gen3, gen3 G19, gen4 G19, gen3 G17L, gen4 G21. I’ve said again and again that I recommend used (eg, police turn-ins) S&W .38 revolvers for older people who want a gun in their home for home protection, but don’t have the money, time or physical ability to go to the range to become ninja operators with a semi-auto. Based on my friends’ hunting experiences, I am inclined towards the 158 Keith. Every GLOCK Gen5 pistol model allows the user to change the circumference of the grip to fit the individual hand size and comes with two sizes of backstraps in two different shapes.

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