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Don't be daunted by the distance. Don’t let the fun subside. The items listed in Red are included in our Fundraising Program for Themed Events. Ten kilometers equals 6.2 miles, and well-trained runners can achieve a pace of approximately seven minutes per mile. The time it takes to cover 5 kilometers depend on some factors. Contact me at, Join my mailing list and receive tips and advice straight to your inbox. The graph below represents race results for over 10,000 5k runners in the US in 2010. For male runners, the average finish time is 00:29:08 and for female runners, the average finish time is 00:38:12. Following a training plan may help people safely train and complete a 5K. Check out my blog post on how to train for a 5k for more tips and advice on running a 5k. An average 6-mph pace will have you finishing in 31 minutes. if you cant go that fast dont. The size of the race will affect the cost with most timers. The fastest male runner will probably come in at around 13-14 minutes, with the fastest female about 2-3 minutes slower than that. However, this study had a small sample size. For example, to achieve a 25:50 5K time, you'll need to run an average pace of 11.61 kilometers per hour, which is a little more than 7 miles per hour. A 5K run is a great distance for a beginner. A 2018 study of 13 male trained runners looked at the effects of caffeinated coffee on running performance. 6 runners are randomly selected to run the 5K fun… you dont want to push yoursef so far that you lose your breath right away. We also discuss training tips and methods that people can use to help improve their running time. It’s important you enjoy yourself! Think of the run time as the end result and your pace as the thing you modify to achieve that time. If someone just starting out runs a 12-minute mile, he will complete the race, which is roughly 3.1 miles, in about 37 minutes. How to become a run leader and inspire others to run, 7 actionable tips for running in the morning. That was fast, and not average. Comparing male 5K finish times For men, to be an above-average runner, you should be faster than 31:18 minutes. Whatever your goal race time, make sure you invest some time into your running by following a suitable training plan. Men at the intermediate level average between six and eight minutes per mile during a 5K, while women average between seven and eight and a half minutes per mile. Perhaps 18 minutes for 5k and 40 minutes for begginer is a bit more reasonable, but for a young man with training those times should be accomplishable. Your age, gender, fitness levels and running experience can all impact your race time. To manage that would mean running at a pace of around 8 minutes per mile. If a more experienced runner runs a 9-minute mile, he will finish the race in about 28 minutes. If you are looking to run a sub-25 minute 5k, then check out my post on how to run a 5k in 25 minutes or less. If a more experienced runner runs a 9-minute mile, he will finish the race in about 28 minutes. A normal rate between 5-6 km per hour, however, will allow one to finish 5K in 45-60 minutes. On average 58.1% of 5k run participants are women. The average 5K finish time in the UK is 00:33:54. This figure is derived from the official parkrun website, which lists the average time for every different country where Parkrun takes place. The winner may finish a 5K course in anywhere from 13 to 20 minutes or even longer. Those in outstanding body condition (untrained) might run 12-13 seconds. What is the distribution of XX? When you run 5k for the first time, it feels like a huge achievement. Run a faster 10k: What is the average 10k time? The time required, on average, for a man to win a 5k run is 00:16:52. I'm not sure what the average time is but I'm currently running a 5k in 23:20. Minimalist shoes may help improve running economy and running performance in a 5K race. Other researchers have proposed that listening to music might improve running performance. However, average or casual runners will probably take 10 to 14 minutes per mile. An hour after ingesting caffeinated coffee, runners improved their running performance in a 1-mile race by 1.9% compared with runners who took a placebo and 1.3% compared with those who consumed decaffeinated coffee. For not running for 15 years and going out and running a 5k in that time at your age, that is excellent. Here are the 50k average times based on age group and gender. Learn what to look for in a woman's running shoe and find out about some specific products to try. A person able to run a 5K race in the relevant time below would likely win or finish highly in their age group. And most of the time, I’m horrified! This will only frustrate you. You can prepare for a 5K run in just two months. 11:47 per mile is the average pace found in our sample data. Use the pace calculator to find out. The average Parkrun time is 30:54 minutes. The average woman completes a 5k run in a time of 00:34:32. If you're wondering about other 1st time runners someone else posted a request for people's 1st time 5k times a while back and it looked like a lot of people finished just under 40 minutes. You’ll also find tips and advice on completing the Couch to 5k programme. Anyone is capable of running a faster 5k if you apply your body and mind in the right way. You will need to get your body used to running and sustaining a faster pace. 5 kilometers is 3.1 miles so we can argue that your 5k pace is somewhere between 24 and 25 minutes. about 30- 35 minutes are what you shoulkd train for. by running 5k its already better than the vast majority of the population! What is the ideal heart rate when running? However, contrasting research has found that caffeine has no effect on a person’s running time. If someone just starting out runs a 12-minute mile, he will complete the race, which is roughly 3.1 miles, in about 37 minutes. If you want to run a 5K in 20 minutes, you’ll need to develop a training regimen weeks before the race to help improve your time. Consider that at an average speed of 5 mph you would finish just over 36 minutes. No matter how hard you run, your strength and speed are based on your training and experience and gender can play a role as well. Whether you’re a beginner runner or a seasoned pro, it’s important you follow a training plan so you prepare adequately for your race. Column 2 is the time a 25 year old needs to run 5k in to beat you (age adjusted) if you do it in 30 minutes.

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