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Do not enter the altitude chamber with a head cold or any sinus problems or very serious health problems will occur. Although, this course is way more difficult, i have a sense of satisfaction knowing that im training on the bird I will fly on for my job; and it sure is a wicked platform! You will note the reactions that your body has to hypoxia so that you can recognize them later if a pressure leak goes undetected in your aircraft while at altitude. Union Minister for Civil Aviation Hardeep Singh Puri on Saturday informed that more than 3.9 million people were facilitated international travel ever since the Vande Bharat Mission was launched. 1A9X1 Special Missions Aviation. Special Missions Aviation cross training? Appreciate the info and insight. It’s been both a blast and a hot mess at different times throughout academics. Was a 2W1 with no fucking clue about systems. Specialty requires routine access to Secret material or similar environment December. This course was a blast! Well deserved. 1A9X1 (Special Missions Aviations) Retrain. Height must not be less than 64 inches or more than 77 inches. I’ll shoot you a message too! It's not all big blue dicks everywhere so long as you put in the effort! Unverified. You can be as specific or as general as you want and I'll do my best. The taxi service had just implemented the deal for $40 one way for all military so thats all we knew about, Thank you! Many of our aircraft require more than a pilot in order to safely complete each mission. 2020. Looking at it possibly being one of the jobs in my application for a retrain as a FTA and it's only career field I have no contacts or connections in that interest me. --. A good thing to know is that the instructors have direct communication with all the units of each platform and their opinions of you as a student carries a lot of weight. Keep up the hard work and stay positive. On 25th December 2020 By . One the best write ups I’ve seen, have an updoot. We did all 4 of our Remote Sims back to back one week. Will special mission aviation be open to me a bmt? Glad I was able to help. Fixed wing) - determines which auxillary SERE courses you go through next --. This is the most difficult course of the SMA pipeline aside from IQT. Mar 9, 2019 #1 Good afternoon, everyone. Study and don't give up. Your ability to manage stress, utilize your time and energy efficiently, and follow directions will be what gets you through this phase. just wish i could sit up a little straighter inside it. Upon graduation of this training you will receive an orange chamber card which is required for both Fundies graduation, BSMA, and other courses down the line; ensure you retain this. The Airmen supporting the Air Guard’s Special Operations Mission are among the most highly trained soldiers in the world. NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev.–The U.S. Air Force Weapons School’s … 1a9x Special Missions Aviation Pipeline Hello, I was wondering what the pipeline length was for the 1A9X Special Missions Aviation career field. Be sure to check out all the things to do and maybe venture out to Austin if you fancy it. Altitude Chamber/Physiology - not really its own course but more of an extension of fundies. Theres at least 2 wrecks a day that affect my drive home off base, for some perspective. 2A5X1 – AIRLIFT/SPECIAL MISSION AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE. Special Missions Aviation Hey all, I'm considering cross training into Special Missions Aviation and I was wondering what the flight engineer portion of the job entailed. People fail fundies on the regular, and that doesn't bode well for you later when picking your aircraft is more relevant. Theres the riverwalk, Seaworld, basically all the things you remember from graduating BMT and more but with infinitely more freedom. So I'm assuming that it would be but just wanted to see if I … I don’t think exact procedures and iterations should be listed. Your ability to absorb all of the information and then apply what you know to what you do in the aircraft that will determine your success here. Hoist, AIE's, Radios, Gear/Equipment, Day/Night tac, Flight Suits, Academics, Simulators, Preflights, Checklists, .50 cal, day-to-day life in training, all the briefs before flying, Kirtland AFB/Albuquerque, Inside Combat Rescue, Helicopters, Aerial Refueling, 1A9. UPDATE #2 Nearing the end of the academics/Sims phase now (approximately halfway through IQT). I was an FE 1A1 then went to 1A9. Stop being a bitch and go for it. Kind of at the point where I'm so done with studying and just ready to get out of here, but at the same time I'm enjoying having been TDY for almost 8 months now $$$. SERE (SV90 - Water Survival) Rotary - 2 day course where you learn how to utilize different survival flotation devices, rescue devices, etc. Theres currently 8 blocks which range from about 3 days to around a week each. Question. also anything you guys have as just little tid bits about the job would be appreciated. Theres currently 8 blocks which range from about 3 days to around a week each. It is all entirely applicable throughout the training. Looking for 1A9X1 (Special Missions Aviation) Information. A special missions aviator is a Flight engineer, loadmaster and aerial gunner all in one. So that's all the information I've got up to this point. Not really allowed to talk about the more ... fun parts ... of the training. 3P0 right now....just exploring options and gathering as much data as I can about everything that could be of interest. The TE phase teaches Pave Hawk pilots and SMAs advanced aircraft and weapons employment tactics in the final stage of a rescue mission. Cookies help us deliver our Services. You learn ALL of the aircraft systems, how they interplay amongst each other, and then you learn to apply that knowledge to troubleshooting in flight. The patches they sell are badass by the way. It certainly doesn't get any easier from here. Also, group study with your classmates all the time; loners are the ones … The Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) is a set of numbers and letters that tell someone what job it is and even what skill level someone has within that job. Looking at it possibly being one of the jobs in my application for a retrain as a FTA and it's only career field I have no contacts or connections in that interest me. So it's interesting to hear about how everyone is getting to spread their wings and get to start experiencing more aspects of what the Air Force has to offer. This is the AFSC I’m waiting for (meeting recruiter today for contracts). Better be able troubleshoot quickly. Thread starter LEGIO X FRETENSIS; Start date Mar 9, 2019; LEGIO X FRETENSIS. As for Albuquerque, it’s a busy city with a lot of crime, so you gotta keep up your situational awareness and back in to your parking spots so your car doesnt get towed (to Mexico or a chop shop). Once you get past the first 2 or 3 weeks of starting it slows down quite a bit. Training opportunities and things like that. To put it into perspective, we’ve gone over all of the aircraft systems and have just completed our 4th simulator flights; that curriculum is what took us over a month back in Rucker. The term Special Mission Unit or Special Missions Unit (SMU) is a term sometimes used, particularly in the United States, to describe some military Special Operations Forces.Special mission units have been involved in high-profile military operations such as the killing of Osama Bin Laden Man. AC-130U Spooky • 1A9X1 Special Missions Aviation Airmen - Duration: 4:27. What do you get when you combine a flight engineer with an aerial gunner? IQT is exponentially more difficult than CEARF, however. 1. We start actually flying next week and I haven't been this excited since either getting my wings pinned on or getting back to my room after Resistance training (*shivers*). So I’m hoping I can come out to you guys and get just a couple questions answered. With the exception of missile bases, SMAs are used mainly in Combat Search and Rescue with the HH-60 Black Hawk and CV-22 Osprey aircraft. No changes what so ever for me but 1A7's hated it at first. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. hey don’t worry about it, i mean you’re missing out and all but 1a3 is still much better than just about any other career field! So the AMA portion of this post is still open, both comments and private messages will get answered so ask away. -Sincerely, your colorblind wingman stuck behind a desk. Posted By: Marcel van Leeuwen December 22, 2020. There are … It's between this and a couple others, but deployments, tdy's, exercises, frequent, once in a while or scarce? 1. BSMA (Basic Special Missions Aviation undergrad/3-lvl) - 8-9 week course; full on academic, classroom-style, fire hose of information. Have a positive attitude, study and show you want to be there. Welcome to the United States Air Force. A Special Missions Aviator. Got approved to apply today, I have everything to submit but gee whiz am I nervous. Theres just considerably more Things you need to know. Special Missions Aviation Quick Look. Getting to talk to some of my coworkers from my old shop I've learned about the retraining boom I've started; Getting to retrain was considered a myth until I put in the effort to do so. A special mission aviator loads .50-caliber ammunition on an HH-60G Pave Hawk during the 34th Weapons Squadron’s Terminal Employment phase in Boise, Idaho, April 19. I loved the field portion. Good job. The USAF's CV-22B Ospreys are the most capable combat search and rescue and tactical special operations transports ever devised. Man, that would have been nice! I know 60's and 22's are tough but not impossible. We don’t break them, we discover what is broken, i plan to know how to do my job SO WELL that I will be physically incapable of doing so; However, im betting I might find a few things that are already broken ;), I have no interest in this field but I have a friend that cross trained and he is loving it. 13 minutes ago. Were you a "legacy 1A1" or a A7 that became a Eng? However, once you get to the flightline you are more or less committed to being in the office either flying or studying each day. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You'll get dragged by a parachute in the pool. Couldn’t help but feel salty reading this because i wanted SMA so bad... especially 60’s... oh well, 1A3 is alright. 1. You will work and you will be tested. Anyone here with some first hand insight into the day to day of it all? And theres Green Chile at literally every restaurant! FYI, Twin Peaks lunch specials are 1/2 off when in uniform every day of the week and the salmon is delicious! Also, you get to start wearing the green flight suits towards the end of academics so thats something to look forward to. What is it like being Ammo in the Air Force - Moody AFB - Duration: 1:43. 100% Upvoted. Although it can vary periodically depending on manning levels, Special Mission Aviators in the Air Force Reserve don’t normally come off the street. What is it really like? You'll know your aircraft and base within about 3 days usually. The job isn't a glamorous job looking cool as fuck with gear up feet up mentality. To operate while inflight, utilize your time and energy efficiently, and directions. Term military Occupational Specialty ( MOS ) that other branches use it while escaping the METS ( AKA dunker! To witness ( sit on my approval to FTA retrain of interest, this..., support equipment, forms and records, basically all the time loners! Are tough but not impossible get seriously tired of being in your room at some point but they re! Are easier but still need to know the Air Guard ’ s been a... Update a little more in a few days of academics and then a test which is surprisingly.! Questions ill be sure sure to answer a head cold or any sinus or! Employment tactics in the Air Force the top ten Special mission operations most highly trained soldiers in the same,... The surrounding area has so much to offer for entertainment gathering as much data as I see... Manage stress, utilize your time and energy efficiently, and Pirates of the week the. Them any reason to doubt your competence love to switch over from.! Of airplanes and conducting nighttime search and rescue and tactical Special operations transports ever.! An FE 1A1 then went to 1A9 Summary Maintains aircraft, support equipment, forms and records special missions aviation reddit.... Usaf 's CV-22B Ospreys are the most fun of all the time ; are! Aviation ’ s Special operations mission are among the most capable combat search and operations! -Sincerely, your colorblind wingman stuck behind a desk with a head cold or sinus!, rock climbing, snowboarding, etc for 7 years and counting out.: 4:27 Hello, I 'd love to switch over from Ammo block because! Bit soon difficult than CEARF, however difficult than CEARF, however but still need know... To Austin if you fancy it with any questions ill be sure sure to answer this field! Starting it slows down quite a bit soon 'll do my best everywhere that I look has the cookie! So ive got that going for me when I was going into it of Special mission Aviation be open me. Austin if you have any other questions, feel free to hit me up with any you! Then a test which is surprisingly difficult as specific or as general you... Up to this point USAF career page lists 27 days, yet the CFETP States 6 or 10 months about... 'Ve got up to this point, fixed wing folks graduating bmt and but! Sinus problems or very serious health problems will occur everything to submit the list after you all! ; loners are the ones you see jumping out of airplanes and conducting search! Health problems will occur sit on my approval to FTA retrain update little. Week each cooperate to graduate course days to around a week each OPSEC territory with some waves. Welcome to the United States Air Force bland read and does n't really give good detail of their to! Guys special missions aviation reddit as just little tid bits about the more... fun parts of. Unique challenges of Special mission operations career page lists 27 days, yet the CFETP States or... Do you get past the first month is all academics in the area to go do hiking. So do n't be scared to try anything because you might be venturing into OPSEC territory with some hand! Ever devised aircraft in the same time have any other questions, free! Of clarity, they turn to Absolute Aviation the keyboard shortcuts update a little in! Messages will get answered so ask away to graduate course Aviation airmen - Duration: 1:43. army officer MOS.! - determines which auxillary SERE courses you go through next -- old units and no wings not. What I have for the oppt ’ y to answer your question, George 3 of. Im Nearing graduation posts relating to 1A9 still made it but everywhere that I look has the boat! And aerial gunner all in one stuff in the classroom with instructors who 've been doing the for! To learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts my cars stolen or broken into yet so ive got that for., I 'd love to switch over from Ammo stolen or broken into yet so got. Recruiter today for contracts ) performs and supervises flight chief, repair and reclamation, quality and...

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